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Andrea Kahn founded designCONTENT to help design leaders and their clients work together more effectively.

Andrea helps creative professionals and non-profit organizations communicate the value of their expertise to potential and existing clients, collaborating with architects, designers, and planners who want to streamline efforts, costs and resources to maximal effect. Whether you’re facing an immediate deadline or aiming at long-term goals, at designCONTENT we’ll devise a customized process that your office or organization can draw on again and again.

Andrea works with individuals and organizations who commission design, visioning and planning services to achieve quality project outcomes, maximize opportunities and forge productive partnerships. Whether you’re starting a new project or trying to get one back on track, at designCONTENT we help you get what you need from your creative process and creative consultants, on time and on budget.

Depending on your needs, designCONTENT will provide:

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