Collaboration Capacity Building: You team up with smart individuals and strong organizations, but are you partnering effectively? We facilitate in-house, team and client-facing communication by helping you identify goals, establish expectations, leverage diverse practice models, and direct productive discussions.

Communication Strategy: You carefully develop your deliverables, but does their message get across? We offer editorial direction, copy writing, graphic tools, and information delivery techniques to make project goals understandable and design ideas accessible to any audience.

Project Oversight & Process Design: You have great in-house resources, but are you maximizing that potential to win new work? We help you streamline work flows to more economically market your capabilities, engage with project partners and achieve stakeholder buy-in.

Work Process Support: You’ve done lots of proposals, interviews and projects, but do you capitalize on lessons learned? Assessing deliverables and analyzing production methods lets your firm track performance record, improve communication, create better products, and cut cost and time outlays.