Recognized internationally as an educator and scholar, Andrea Kahn has been teaching architects, urban designers and planners to articulate, elucidate, and demonstrate the merits of strong ideas since 1984. She founded designCONTENT in 2006, with the intention of supporting leading design researchers, professionals and their clients in their shared quest for quality project outcomes. She enjoys working with a diverse clientele from individuals to academic institutions to non-profits and corporations who provide, and procure, design and planning knowledge or services.

A strategic thinker about multiple scales of design and forms of design communication, Andrea brings a special interest in collaborative processes to her work. In addition to consulting, she teaches planning and design in the US and abroad, and also lectures publicly on contemporary issues in urban design and urban landscape transformation. A widely published author and respected editor, her works include Constellations: Constructing Urban Design Practices (2007), Site Matters: Design Concepts, Histories and Strategies (with Carol Burns, 2005 & 2020, forthcoming) and Drawing/ Building/ Text: Essays in Architectural Theory (1991).